Thomas Button’s police experience spans over decades and many departments. His career began at the Rochester, NY Police Department in 1970 as a Police Trainee. In 1972 he started work as a Police Officer at the Albion, NY Police Department and worked there until 1973 when he was hired as a New York State Police Trooper. He retired as a Captain/Acting Troop Commander for the New York State Police in 1994 to accept a position as Police Chief at the Athol, Massachusetts Police Department. Mr. Button served as the Chief of Police in Athol until 1998 when he was appointed as the Police Chief of Sturbridge, Massachusetts Police Department where he retired in 2006. In 2007 he took a position as Deputy Chief for the Oakland, Florida Police Department.

Mr. Button went on to teach as an Online Criminal Justice Instructor for Aspen University – Denver, CO from 2006 to 2010. In 2008 he began teaching criminal justice classes at Lincoln Technical institute – Boston, MA. From 2009 to 2011 he was the School Chair/Program Director for the College Criminal Justice Program at ITT Technical Institute – Springfield, Virginia/Albany, New York. From 2011 to 2013 Mr. Button served as the Commander of Police Services at Georgetown University, Medical & Research Center in Washington DC. He was also a Certified Instructor at the NYSP Academy for numerous subjects and taught students and officers from new recruits to Lieutenants.

From 2013 to the present, Mr. Button continues to research and act as a consultant writer for different agencies. He has written two books, reviews police matters, and provides expert consultations to attorneys for court cases.

Thomas Button has more than 40 years of successful police experience. He has personally conducted hundreds of Internal Affairs type investigations on every level from Basic Misconduct to Use of Deadly Force by a Police Officer. He has supervised and managed thousands of Internal Affairs type investigations and is an unbiased witness for prosecution and defense teams as well as plaintiffs and defendants.

Police Consultant, Expert Witness; Self-employed

Provide assessment, review, recommendations for court/police departments/attorneys etc. regarding police matters. Used as Expert witness, testified in all levels of Courts!

Georgetown University, Medical & Research  Center – Washington DC – Commander of Patrol Operations

2nd in Command; In charge of Patrol Division of University Police Department with 65 sworn members, 150 contract security & 125 student guards. Internal Affairs Investigations.

ITT Technical Institute – Springfield, VA/Albany, NY – School Chair

Program Director, Responsible for oversight of College Criminal Justice Program, Hire and evaluate Instructors. Taught Criminal Justice Courses in B.S. program, in class and online.

Lincoln Technical Institute – Boston, MA

Taught CJ courses to college students in classroom setting in Associates Degree program.

Oakland, FL Police Department – Deputy Chief

2nd in charge of Police Department. Accreditation Manager, wrote Policies & Procedures Manual for Accreditation Standards, certified Assessor and manager. Internal Affairs investigations.

Aspen University – Denver, CO – Online CJ Instructor

Taught CJ courses in online platform to BS & MS college students.

Sturbridge Massachusetts Police Department

Police Chief of a municipal police department. Emergency Management Director of Town for 6 years. Accreditation Manager & Assessor. Police Instructor for MA Criminal Justice Academies. Conducted all serious Internal Affairs Investigations.

Athol Massachusetts Police Department

Police Chief of a municipal police department. All serious Internal Affairs Investigations. Accreditation Manager & Assessor

New York State Police

Captain/Acting Troop Commander in command of a NYSP Troop with 27 stations in 10 counties with 600 employees. Sergeant/Station Commander/Zone Commander, Emergency Management Director  of Troop. Police Instructor at NYSP Academy 12 years.   In Charge of All Troop functions. Troop Training Officer, Field Training Officer Coordinator. Conducted Personnel Complaints/Internal Affairs investigations since 1979.

Abion, NY Police Department

Performed duties of Police Officer for Town Police Department.

Rochester, NY Police Department

Worked as a Police Officer Trainee for City Police Department. 

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